Monday, January 02, 2006

Islamic Financial Resources

Based on facts I gleaned from Michael D. Evans recent book, “American Prophecies”, I have concluded that extraordinary tactics are warranted to ID the sources of financial support to Islamic extremists/terrorist. Although this was not a specific point made by Evans I couldn’t help expanding on the presented fact that there are 1 million Islamic extremists, could be terrorists, which only represents 0.1 % of the approximately 1 billion total Islamic world population.

That equates to 99.9% of Islam that are peaceful and potentially charitable. It would seem a reasonable assumption that at least 10% of these good people could have enough resources to contribute the equivalent of 25 cents (US) each month that surreptitiously finds its way to terrorists’ coffers.

The math:
Each month 100 million contributions of $0.25 is $25 million.
$25M/mo. to 1 million terrorist provides $40K/mo or $480K/yr to each individual.

I do not find this result something to be complacent about. It is a frightening possibility. I certainly support extraordinary effort by the US Government to detect and disrupt the flow of money into the hands of the 0.1% who have dedicated their life to kill as many of us as possible and to disrupt our way of life. It’s even OK with me if the US agencies involved in this activity are so aggressive that they make a few mistakes and disrupt legitimate $ flow every now and then. I’m willing to be taxed enough to compensate any party wrongly injured by this aggressiveness.