Sunday, August 21, 2005

Lost Radioactive Parts

Now here's an article I stumbled on that either makes you feel good that the Ruskies have a systematic method to assure keeping their stray radioactive components out of the hands of terrorist so they can't make dirty bombs; or it just just confirms that making port visits to Vladivistok is not compatable with man-rem reduction programs.

The photo in this article finally answered an old wonder-what-it-looks-like thought I once had while monitoring Vladivistok TV audio on the ECM back in the Cold War days. It also dredged up the memory of a photo we took through our periscope of a surfaced submarine comming out of that port with the officer on their bridge pointing his finger directly at us. You could see the excited expression on his face. Yeah, we were real close. It would have been cool if it had been one of the photos used in "Blindman's Bluff".

"Those were the days"


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