Sunday, November 06, 2005

Words....Wm F Buckley....Plenty Too Much....But I Like Em

How many contemporary editorial writers casually use the term, “a fortnight ago” while speaking about current events with the reader hardly noticing? I subscribe to William F’s editorials in my My Yahoo’s news list. Not just because I like what he says, but because I am absolutely fascinated by how he says it. Sometimes I have trouble with knowing the true definition of his words but I love the way they sound and refuse to spoil the effect by looking them up.

Here’s his latest with the “fortnight” entwined in the second paragraph. The subject of this article is also one that troubles me and is a good example regarding the double mindedness of our government in its pursuit of protecting USA interests.

Double mindedness is not a characteristic lauded biblically and generally indicates a lack of trust in God…. Ah then, what is the root of all wars? (See how he affects me.)


Blogger geezernuke said...

I just remembered an old magazine article regarding Wm F's love of wooden sailing vessels. In this account (as I remember it) he was asked by his accountant if he would like to double his income. Upon the obvious yes response the accountant told him to sell the wooden yacht. (I cant remember it's name, maybe Serano. Someone help me on this)

The rest of the article discussed his enjoyment sailing a new fiberglass hulled sailing vessel over to Long Island for an overnight and a "good read" while at anchor in a quiet harbor.

My "Just Say No To Plastic" sailing friends were appalled by this article, but it confirmed my own highly held opinion.

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