Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Letter to the President

It’s obvious that you are exercising your authority submerged in a sea of deceit. Many power wielding individuals in your administration do not share your commitment to biblical principles and do not know how to advise you when these principles are being breeched. Trusting God is more than praying for wisdom. It includes obedience to what He has already revealed to us. Courage is required. What I intuitively keep thinking is that you are loyal to your political supporters’ first and Christian principles second. (Check the center verse in the bible, Psalms 118:8, for God's previous revelation on this issue.)

You should loudly and clearly direct your administration to always put the justice principles foremost and treat no man inhumanely, even the misguided terrorists. Contain them or kill them if they insist on threatening our citizens or military, but torture is never an acceptable procedure. It will eventually corrupt an honorable pursuit. (I respect Senator McCain's insistences on this issue.)

I am tired of feeling guilty about my lack of involvement when we are at war and men are dying. No one asks me to sacrifice anything. It’s like business as usual. I and my neighbors just continue on our self seeking ways. No wonder there are so many who want to bring the troops home before the job is done. We feel guilty. Tax the socks off of us or brow beat us into buying War Bonds. Do something so we can FEEL proud of our efforts to support this war. This kind of approach may be too late to keep the White House from being overwhelmed with criticism from us hundreds of millions of non-participants, but it would sure feel good anyway. An honest, simple, pay as we go breath of fresh air.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Words....Wm F Buckley....Plenty Too Much....But I Like Em

How many contemporary editorial writers casually use the term, “a fortnight ago” while speaking about current events with the reader hardly noticing? I subscribe to William F’s editorials in my My Yahoo’s news list. Not just because I like what he says, but because I am absolutely fascinated by how he says it. Sometimes I have trouble with knowing the true definition of his words but I love the way they sound and refuse to spoil the effect by looking them up.

Here’s his latest with the “fortnight” entwined in the second paragraph. The subject of this article is also one that troubles me and is a good example regarding the double mindedness of our government in its pursuit of protecting USA interests.

Double mindedness is not a characteristic lauded biblically and generally indicates a lack of trust in God…. Ah then, what is the root of all wars? (See how he affects me.)